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Pool tables have been the thread that runs through generations in a family and unites them to unwind over a good game. Discussions over a game of pool can roll back the years and bring back pleasant memories. An elegant looking pool table that provides a smooth game quality will be fondly cherished, widely appreciated and discussed for the foreseeable future. We at Full Rack Pool Tables know that the search for a pool table of the finest quality and standards can be a lengthy and complicated task. And this is exactly why we pay close attention to detail and ensure we facilitate a perfect match by providing you exactly what you desire.

We are a UK based Luxury pool table manufacturer and dealer and offer the finest quality products for those who demand the best life has to offer every time. Your table can be customized completely according to your requirements. Whether your close friends pay you a visit or your family play host, the presence of an excellent pool table will set eyeballs rolling and turn heads. If your pool table delivers on the aesthetic quotient clubbed with superior performance, you’ve earned a well-deserved feather in your cap. But it takes time, effort and adequate investment to end up making the right choice.

A pool table is like a grand piano; it is not just an instrument to be played. A pool table shouldn’t just be an equipment that facilitates a game. It should be a masterpiece that makes a favorable impact on the minds of the dignitaries who turn envious of the sporting furniture that you own.

With our custom built pool tables, we bring luxury to your home. These tables range from 6ft to 8ft in size and differ in the material to provide an experience of your desire. Handcrafted fine mahogany, French Oak, mature solid oak wood are few of the many variants that are used to give shape and premium look to your pool table. Authentic slates that match up to professional standards make for a perfectly levelled playing surface. Our solid metal frames provide unmatched strength and durability.

To ensure longevity, we use Michelin rubber matched to competition standards such that these cushions allow for excellent bounce and superior ball rebound. High quality cloth will assure you experience great ball movement coupled with precision. All our tables come with the accessories such as balls, triangle, cue rack, chalk, cues and table covers. Our highly skilled personnel will ensure a safe delivery and smooth installation without you having to fork out any additional charges.

Two of our notable mentions are the Luxury Nero and the Luxury Verve which are multi-functional pool tables which besides being a classical piece of furniture, double up as a dining table to provide unmatched luxury experience.

Pool tables such as Luxury Marbella, Luxury Nevis and Luxury Chrome are made as per specifications you provide. Our store that is rich in variety will allow you to choose from the finest grade of timber and match sought after design; whether it is ancient billiards or a modern decorative piece of fine art. Our collection of frames and slates, material and quality of cloth, types of cushions and style of finishing – be it gloss or matte will help you land the exact pool table as per appearance, performance and quality.

‘We’ll ensure your shot for a desired pool table isn’t miscued.’ Purchasing a pool table can be a once in a lifetime event, our tables will guarantee the perfect game time and time again and the durability to be passed through the generations.

Understanding your requirements is paramount to the way our tables are built. And because we’ve served so many loyal and returning customers across the UK, we know what it takes to make sure your new pool table ticks all the boxes. If you’re uncertain to what you’re looking for, then our experts are here to help. Contact us to get the ball rolling and we’ll work with you to find your perfect table.

Our customers say it all! They've been enjoying the luxury of our pool tables and have always recommended us. We are so grateful to them and would always want to see the smile and joy on their faces! 


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